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Breaking the Taboo of Male Sex Toys

In an age where sex is becoming less of a taboo, it’s clear that we haven’t quite caught up when it comes to sex toys, in particular those for men.

There are a number of benefits to bringing toys into the bedroom, whether that is alone or with a partner, and it needn’t be seen as a threat. Sexpert and boutique shop owner, Tami Rose, shares her top tips on how to break the taboo and incorporate sex toys into your love life.

If women can without stigma, why can’t men?

Thanks to that scene in Sex and the City, vibrators made their way onto our screens and helped break the taboo of women using sex toys. However this isn’t the same for men, even around twenty years on.

Research carried out by FHM reported around 50% of men own a sex toy, with 78% open to buying one for solo-use, yet they’re still predominantly marketed for women. Women’s sex toys aren’t the only additions that can be brought into the bedroom, those for men can also be a great way to enhance your sex life.

It’s not just all about crazy sex dolls…

Mad-looking contraptions don’t interest everyone. But for some men the less intimidating options like penis rings are one of the most popular choices.

Tami recommends a vibrating ring from her online shop for beginners, as they primarily work to enhance an erection and can be disposed of when you are finished. A range of toys can be used with a partner during sex, or alone, to spice up your sex life and provide a different dynamic.

Sex toys, both male and female, are unlikely to replace your partner- and it certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t good in the bedroom!

Let’s talk about sex toys, baby

Discussion is the best way to break a taboo. There is little talk of male sex toys in the media, but women’s publications often aren’t shy in sharing the newest releases or the best vibrators money can buy.

Research shows that the men who use sex toys are more likely to be in tune with their sexual health, as well as carry out testicular examinations. They also report higher sexual satisfaction levels, have less cases of erectile dysfunction, and a greater level of sexual desire.

There’s a number of potential health benefits, too

Sex has been proven to reduce stress and can improve your sleep pattern.

Research shows that it can help rid you of aches and pains, plus regular ejaculation can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer, so it’s a win-win situation.

Making sex toys mainstream

Statistics would suggest male sex toys, although not spoken of as openly, are popular enough to be as readily available as toys for women. There is the thought that men who use them alone are single and well…lonely. But in many cases this isn’t true and there are more and more men using them to improve their sex life with their partner!

Tami Rose is a sex guru, massage therapist and tantric yoga expert who is helping singles and couples of all ages explore their options in the bedroom.

In 2013, she opened a revolutionary sex shop in Mississippi, Romantic Adventures, where she continues to promote self-confidence and self-love through sex toys, lingerie and accessories. Visit Romantic Adventures and live your best sex-positive life today.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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