Watch as Gay Elders Read Letters To Their Younger Selves In Touching Video

In a touching new video posted by YouTuber Davey Wavey aka wickydkewl, gay elders from the LGBT Community Center of the Desert in Palm Springs, CA have shared letters they have wrote to their younger selves about experiences they have learnt in their lives.

The inspiring video, shared during Pride month, is an important reminder of the battles that the LGBTQ+ community have faced throughout the years. In the video, one person tells their younger self that “you are dealing with a life issue that you cannot express because everyone around you is against you”, whilst another recounts that their “first experience of gay people will be to witness a police raid on a gay bar.”

The video also shares the progress that has been made, and the many achievements that the community has succeeded with. One man says to himself: “it was very difficult for you to have a vision of what your life would be like. I am pleased to tell you that you’re happy, married to a wonderful man, have two dogs, a cat, and a mortgage.”

It seems like the video is already touching those who have watched the video, too. One commentator said that it was a “great and thought provoking video,” whilst another said “being that I am 18 and just graduated high school, I feel like they are talking to me.”

The LGBT Community Center of the Desert serves the Coachella valley where it sees more than 65,000 visitors a year, who visit to meet new friends and enjoy wellness, educational, support and social programming.

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