Research Finds That School-Leavers Still Have Misconceptions About Apprenticeships

Today, thousands of school leavers across England and Wales will be collecting their A-Level results (fingers crossed!) and using such results to decide what they will do with their next few years.

For many, the choice of going to university will be the obvious pathway but apprenticeships should also be seriously considered, despite the common myth that they lack any academic credibility.

New research today unveiled by Arch Apprentices has suggested that ‘negative perceptions’ are still commonly associated with apprenticeships, specifically amongst females.

89% of school leavers admitted they have reservations about choosing an apprenticeship over university.

Worries included not having a colourful social life (21%), being unable to secure a top job (28%) and not making their parents proud (19%).

The research also found a strong belief amongst both male and female leavers (51%) that apprenticeships are only for people who want a career in the manual sector, such as brick-layers, electricians and plumbers.

Despite apprenticeships providing access to high-level and well-recognised qualifications and credentials, some people (14%) still wrongly believed that apprenticeships are only for those who cannot afford to go to university. 24% claimed that they felt that apprenticeships were for those who are lazy and don’t want to study, or for those school leavers who can’t decide what to study at University.

In fact, apprenticeship schemes can actually offer a wealth of opportunities across many sectors, including IT, management, accountancy, and HR. Apprenticeships can offer ‘real world’ experience that many university courses cannot provide, and can actually help people move straight into their direction of choice when finished due to the connections and experience they have gained.

Leila Navabi, who is currently an apprentice at MTV and Comedy Central, said:

From starting my apprenticeship with Arch, I was able to enter a career in an incredibly competitive industry from the beginning of my working life. I moved from Wales to London to work with MTV and Comedy Central UK and as such have now over 200 articles published across these platforms collectively.

My social life has expanded ten-fold, too. The role has lent itself to allowing me to meet some of the most amazing people in the sector.

If that’s not enough of a glowing review of apprenticeships for you, check out the video below of Rami who is a recent apprentice at Google.

The research was carried out online by Opinion Matters between 19/07/2018 and 25/07/2018 amongst a panel of 1,023 who had just sat (or had within the last two years) their A-Level exams.

Arch Apprentices have also launched #askanapprentice to help students ask any burning questions they have with regards to studying for an apprenticeship. Join the conversation by tweeting @ArchApprentices.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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