The Rainbow Cards Project is sending Christmas cards to isolated LGBTQ+ people – here’s how to get involved

It’s officially November, which means it’s time to set our sights on Christmas.

‘The Rainbow Cards Project’ is a non-profit project that sends birthday, holiday & special occasion cards to LGBTQ+ people all over the world. The campaign, which is currently seeking donations, sends cards to people whose families have stopped sending them cards since they came out.

El, who founded the project, came up with the idea as a way to combat the isolation, prejudice and fear LGBTQ+ people often face, one card at a time. The project aims to send cards to those who are currently struggling and may be dealing with situations where people have not been accepting of them and their identity.

El felt compelled to do something as her “life had been greatly improved by the LGBTQ+ community, which has helped me to not only accept who I am but also to embrace every aspect of myself.”

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Proving that community can just be as much about family as relatives are, the project aims to bring a smile to people’s faces on celebratory events and occasions where they may have normally received nothing.

Last year, the project saw over 2000 cards sent to 300 recipients and this year they are hoping to reach even more recipients. As postage to send to 385+ recipients across the world is expensive, ‘The Rainbow Cards Project’ is looking for donations to help get all cards sent.

Explaining a little more on the process behind the campaign, El said:

I actually run this project all by myself. But other people write most of the cards then send them to me via the PO box. I then decorate their envelopes and organise them into packages for each recipient and then post them.

The campaign needs to raise £1100 by December 1st in order for all the cards to be sent out.

You can donate to the campaign here via GoFundMe.

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