National Coming Out Day: New Docu-Series Chronicles the Lives of LGBTQ+ Youth as they Realise Their Potential

Today is National Coming Out Day, a chance to observe the power of coming out. Timed around the anniversary of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights which took place on October 14th 1979, the day honours all who have come out as LGBTQ+ or as a straight ally for equality.

Launched specifically today, a brand new show follows LGBTQ+ teens and families across North America as they come to terms with their identity and find their place in the world. ‘Room to Grow’, which is available now to watch on Revry and is also the platform’s first show to premiere on IGTV.

The premiere episode introduces Savannah and her viral moment of being shut out of the Mormon church. Savannah recently appeared in HBO’s documentary ‘Believer’ about Imagine Dragon’s Dan Reynold’s charity.

Revry’s CEO and the series’ producer, Damian Pelliccione, said about the show:

“‘Room to Grow’ has the power to change the way we look at family and acceptance within our own community. We are so proud to launch this Revry Original for its first IGTV Series, as we wanted to make sure these stories were heard, scene, discussed and shared with all audiences.

“No more than ever in today’s political climate, visibility matters. Access is the fasted way to be visible. We at Revry are embracing social media platforms like Instagram to uplift and elevate stories like ‘Room to Grow’ to help amplify its mission and message of love an acceptance.”

Speaking about how her experience with the show has helped her develop, Savannah said:

“This last year has been full of growth. I was able to go to my first homecoming in a sweet suit, and just be myself! I am able to show up and be me without shame and to vocalize my love and support for all humans.

When I first came out, I was still uncomfortable with myself I hid behind a smile quite often. I feel like now I’m able to be open, free, and I can share true feelings without fear. I love just being me.

‘Room to Grow’ shows just how important it is for LGBTQ+ teenagers to receive the support they need at home, at school, at church, and in the world to reach their full potential. The show is produced and directed by Matt Alber and Jon Garcia.

Watch ‘Room to Grow’ on Revry or IGTV now.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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