Jacob Tobia Gets Uncuffed in Gender-Neutral Makeup Collection

Get ready to be Uncuffed.

Writer, actor, visionary, and internet personality, Jacob Tobia is fast becoming one of the world’s most notable non-binary activists. They’ll now be able to add supermodel to that ever-expanding resume of skills, as they’ve just been announced as the face of a new make-up collection.


Fluide are the makers of colourful, cruelty-free makeup that are designed to be used for all gender expressions, gender identities and skin tones, so it seems like a natural fit that Jacob – who often represents personal fabulosity and social change around the world – would form a partnership with the brand.

A member of both the Forbes 30 Under 30 and the OUT 100, Jacob posted on Facebook after they were unveiled as the face of Fluide’s Uncuffed collection of liquid lipsticks stating that it “feels like such a milestone in my life and in my career.”

For generations, gender nonconforming people have been trailblazers in the fashion and beauty world, but our contributions have often been overlooked, erased, or displayed on bodies other than our own.

Fluide’s products are often named after queer spaces around the world as a tribute. The Uncuffed collection is no different, and the three unique lipstick shades are named after safe spaces: Babetown, Ginger’s, and Rosemont.



Babetown is named after the New York City pop-up supper club for queer women, trans and non-binary people, Ginger’s is named after the Ginger’s Bar in Brooklyn, whilst Rosemont takes its name from the Rosemont bar in NYC.

Jacob Tobia chose to work with Fluide because it’s a “cosmetics company inspired by and built for the gender nonconforming, trans, and nonbinary community”.

I know that we are taking steps to end this erasure. I know that we are taking steps towards ensuring that nonbinary and gender nonconforming beauty is appreciated, celebrated, and loved in every shade, every body hair configuration, every pigment, every skin tone, every curve.

Fluide donates five per cent of its profits to organisations that help to support the health and rights of the LGBTQ community, including the LGBTQ health centre Callen Lorde and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Jacob Tobia is currently working on their debut memoir ‘Sissy’, which is due to be released in the near-future. You can keep up-to-date with Jacob on Twitter and Instagram.

I have always known that there is nothing contradictory about facial hair and lipstick, but in a world that often tells me otherwise, there are times when it’s hard to hold onto that belief. ✨ I have always known the sublime nature of my beauty, but in a world that often tells me otherwise, there are times when it’s difficult to remember. ✨ I have always known that I deserve to be celebrated, loved, adored, cherished, and held, but in a world that that often tells me otherwise, there are times when I almost forget. ✨ Thank you @fluidebeauty for reminding me of what I know to be true, for adorning me as beautifully as I deserve to be adorned, for celebrating the sublime essence of my inner goddess, and for helping me look as remarkable as I know myself to be. ✨ Makeup: @theokogan Hair: @mischag Photog: @morgantstuart General Awesomeness: @isabellawhitney #Goddess #NonbinaryBeauty #Gorgeous #Ad #PowerfulFemme”

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