Indonesia Officials Regard Homosexuality as a ‘Mental Disorder’

Officials in Indonesia have compared homosexuality to mental disorders.

A new bill is to be introduced into Indonesian law that criminalises gay sex and considers it a “mental disorder.”

The law, which could pass as early as within the next two weeks, is based on the results of two previous reports from ministries. A medical guide based on these reports is due to be released, according to the country’s Health Ministry.

The two reports cited by the Ministry are from the Indonesia Psychiatrists Association (PDSKJI) and the Health Ministry themselves. The PDSKJI report, which was published in 2016, cites that “gays and bisexuals were at risk of emotional problems such as depression owing to identity crises while transsexuals are susceptible to mental diseases.”

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry report from last year says that “homosexuality was against the ethos of the country”.

The announcement follows a string of events in Indonesia which have gone against the LGBTQ community. Just last week, the Indonesian Communications Ministry asked Google to remove 73 LGBT-friendly apps form its app store, including the popular Blued social media platform.

12 trans women were recently publicly humiliated in the streets of Indonesia by having their heads shaved and clothes stripped in front of crowds of people. Police also ordered them back to their offices to practice “macho shouting”, a form of so-called reinforcement training.

The revised criminal code will propose a crackdown on freedom of speech with its new penalties, including the criminalising of same-sex relations, ‘moral’ offences, spreading fake news, insulting authority and hosting public parties without permits.

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