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Drag Queen Trading Cards Are Now a Real Thing and We’re OBSESSED

Have you ever played a game of Top Trumps and thought that there should be a version with drag queens already? Well, your dreams have been fulfilled as there’s a new type of drag queen trading card available and WE ARE OBSESSED.

Championing the finest UK drag talent, Drag Haus lets you collect your favourite queens, build your ultimate drag super-team and out-perform your opponent on stage, all in the bid to become champion of the drag universe.

Featuring renown British stars, such as Anna Phylactic, Amber Skyline, and game creator Dharma Geddon, it’s a fun game that champions the stars making a name for themselves in the world of drag. It makes us wonder why it’s taken so long to happen, we’ve been DYING for a game like this!

Each card features stunning illustrations, whilst each drag queen has their own special talent that can be used to benefit the game. We want to own every single one of them and won’t give up until we get them in shiny form too.

We caught up with the delightful Dharma Geddon, who is behind the game, to get the lowdown on the story behind the game and to find out how we can start hoarding those rare shinies (we tried to our best at bribery and it got us nowhere!).

Hey Dharma! So, what made you decide to create these drag queen trading cards?

I have always had an obsession for anything collectible – cards, toys, books, magazines, etc. – to the point where it often influences my drag! A while ago it crossed my mind, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have something like Pokémon cards but with queens?’. I wasn’t able to shake the idea out of my mind, so I decided to gather some funds and a diverse selection of artists to make it happen. It’s always better to try these things and fail than to never try at all, right? That was my thinking anyway about 6 months ago when putting together the Prototype Series of 16 queens.

Also, I love the idea of a platform like Drag Haus. One that celebrates UK Drag and acts to bring queens from all walks of life together. Queens you may or may not have heard of, no matter what age, gender, style of drag etc. If it can spread and unite the drag talent we have in the UK (and we have it in abundance!) then that would be amazing!

What’s the response been like so far?

It’s been great! We held a surprise launch at our ‘Drag 101’ show in Glasgow where we debuted the launch trailer and sold loads of sets – people really seem to be embracing the idea. Today, for example, we’ve sold just over half of our initial stock for the game, which is crazy considering it hasn’t even been out for a full week! Some people have told us they love collecting the cards and some love the idea of putting their dream team together and playing the game – both are totally valid!

Are there any ‘rare’ queens that we’ll have to keep an eye out for?

There are! Some queens are common (just like in real life, jk!) while some are stronger and harder to find. Every queen is useful in the game though and brings something unique to the stage to keep things interesting! 1 in every 3 packs contain a super-rare shiny-edition card too!

Any plans to do any international queens or some of the Drag Race girls in the future?

Gosh, d’you know I intentionally didn’t want to do that for Drag Haus. I feel so strongly for the talent we have here in the UK and we have the chops to stand on our own two heels! I think it’s exciting we’re using queens that might not be as known or as famous.

That’s not to say we wouldn’t feature international queens in the future. However, right now, we’re focussing on our ‘Prototype Series’ and potentially an even larger follow-up series by the end of the year if the demand is there!

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Buy your first card deck of Drag Haus right here.

There’s even a handy video that shows you how to play the game, essentially if you want to outsmart those rival drag houses:

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