New champagne brand to support LGBTQ+ community with every bottle

A crowdfunding project is seeking half a million dollars to start the first permanent LGBT+ profiled Champagne brand.

The idea is to use 25% of the profit from each sold bottle to support the LGBT+ movement in the countries where the community is oppressed.

Pedro Bentancour Garin, a Swedish historian, started the project to unite the positive and uniting qualities of Champagne to this global movement.

“All over the world we see how intolerance is growing,” Pedro says.

“I want to work for tolerance, as I believe that all good forces should – the opposite leads to hatred and suffering, something history shows too well.”

An additional aim of the project is to make the production organic and Eco-sustainable.

“Only one per cent of the Champagne produced today is organic, and I think it’s important to raise awareness of this issue too,” adds Pedro.

The project intends to start with a limited production, but it depends on how much support the campaign gets from the public, as well as institutions and corporations.

It is expensive to buy a vineyard in the Champagne region, as there is a quite limited amount of land that can be used to grow the grapes.

The project will be live until the 17th of December and those who pledge will receive different rewards. Some of the rewards are moreover nice Christmas gifts.

“If five thousand individuals support us we can start,” Pedro states.

“More supporters would, of course, mean more production and also more funding to the LGBT cause.”

The idea came when Pedro was buying a gift for a couple of gay friends when he realized that all Champagne brands have very conservative profiles.

The company will, if successful, be named “Béthencourt & Garín” after his parents who fled two South American dictatorships, due to their beliefs in democracy and human rights.

“I believe this is a good way to celebrate their everlasting optimism about mankind,” Pedro said.

The slogan of the company is ‘We are all equal’.

“Someone might say that our company is the Trump administration’s worst nightmare, as it’s both LGBT and climate-friendly,” Pedro concludes jokingly.

You can donate towards the project here.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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