David Furnish and Elton John for adidas ‘Prouder’
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adidas Unveils One-of-a-Kind ‘Prouder’ Samba Trainers Customised By Celebrities For Pride

As part of a cultural call to action of unity, originality, and pride, adidas have enlisted a roster of high-profile, global creators to create their own re-imagining of the iconic adidas Samba shoe to coincide with London Pride.

The ‘Prouder’ campaign, curated by Fat Tony and captured by Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust, sees creators from the LGBTQ+ community, alongside some well-known allies, re-imagine the famous adidas shoe through the theme of ‘Prouder’. Those to take part include Elton John, Pharrell Williams, Marc Jacobs, David Beckham, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell &
Amanda Lepore.

Some of the designs include Rita Ora’s glittery silver rollerskates look, Kate Moss’ Cinderella-inspired glass slipper, David Beckham’s Miami and London palm tree crossover, and Edward Enninful’s look which is inspired by his dog.

David Beckham for adidas ‘Prouder’
Rita Ora for adidas ‘Prouder’
Kate Moss for adidas ‘Prouder’

Each shoe will be auctioned off on eBay in support of the Albert Kennedy Trust who provide safe homes and support to LGBTQ+ youth people facing homelessness.

The customised adidas Sambas will be on display and open to the public at an exhibition/ installation at the HENI Gallery in Soho for London Pride Week from July 4th to 10th. The exhibition will feature each of the adidas Sambas alongside projections from the contributors explaining their involvement and individual concepts of being ‘Prouder’. Entrance to the exhibition is free for all.


Speaking on the campaign, curator and organiser Fat Tony comments:

I have been involved in activities around London Pride in some shape or form since the late 1980s. I wanted to create something with adidas that really spoke to where we are today by envisaging a new notion of Pride as being one with no labels; and how we as a community alongside our allies can push things further still – hence the concept of ‘Prouder’ – celebrating Unity, Equality and Originality – bridging us all.

Naomi Campbell for adidas ‘Prouder’
Edward Enninful for adidas ‘Prouder’

The full list of adidas ‘Prouder’ creators are:

Albert Kennedy Trust with Sir Ian McKellen, Amanda Lepore, Bella Freud, Blondey McCoy, Boy George, Chapman Brothers, Charlotte Tilbury, David Beckham, Edward Enninful, Elton John & David Furnish, Goldie, Henry Holland, John Galliano, Kate Moss, Liam Payne, Marc Jacobs, Naomi Campbell, Nick Grimshaw, Nick Knight & New Order, Paloma Faith, Pet Shop Boys, Pharrell Williams, Philip Treacy, Rita Ora, Sam McKnight and Skin.

Speaking of his design with partner Elton John, David Furnish said that their inspiration came from the reaffirming of their union:

What makes me feel prouder in 2018 is the amazing progress that’s been made with marriage equality. Many years ago, Elton and I started our journey with a civil partnership, and from that the laws changed in Britain to include marriage quality and we’ve seen that get picked up and taken around the world.

David Furnish and Elton John for adidas ‘Prouder’

Meanwhile, Paloma Faith explained the story behind the floral theme for her design:

I did do pictures of flowers that were English, and they’re British flowers, ’cause I like to think of myself as a British flower, and also a kind of homage to remind us in this sort of weird moment in time where everything is very violent and aggressive, and vitriolic and conflicting, that nature sort of reminds us to calm down and appreciate this world we’ve been given that we are adamantly destroying, that I’d hope we’d like to stop.

Paloma Faith for adidas ‘Prouder’

adidas ‘Prouder’ will culminate on the main day of Pride with adidas’ first ever Pride Float which will feature the SHOWstudio work set to music and performance by a live adidas Samba band.

Details of all aspects of adidas ‘Prouder’ can be found at: https://showstudio.com/project/adidasprouder

To bid on the adidas ‘Prouder’ Sambas, please go to: https://www.ebay.co.uk/pride

More of the designs will be featured below when unveiled.

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