YDEA’s ‘Have You Seen My Heart’ is an alternative take on love and embracing your strengths

A cocktail of influences, namely Kate Bush, Bon Iver and iamwhoiamwhoami, can be heard in the latest single from London-based singer and songwriter YDEA.

‘Have You Seen My Heart’ is a beautiful slice of indie-pop with a mellow atmosphere and a tinge of electronica. Its release on Valentine’s Day is by no coincidence either, as the Danish-born singer admits that the track takes on an alternative angle to love that many people may not expect on a day like today. The song also tries to make a capitalistic statement too, just for good measure.

“I’ve always been someone that sees the good in a person,” says YDEA. “Focusing rather on the positive and the potential, than the red signs that appear. This is something that definitely has brought me in unnecessary trouble and heartache.

Have You Seen My Heart by YDEA

YDEA creates Scandinavian Mellow Indie/Pop with her evocative performances. Dark lyrics and emotional vocals will bring you into her honest and raw universe.

“I wrote ‘Have You Seen My Heart’ on one of these occasions. I felt lost in so many ways; questioning my judgement, my sanity, myself and who I wanted to be. Why did I keep putting myself in these situations?”

Have you seen my heart? I gave it away. Have you seen my heart? It’s like a drop in the ocean.

YDEA adds that the song ” may be about unrequited love but it is also about so much more; becoming aware of a part of yourself embracing what could be seen as a weakness, accepting it and then growing to own it – making it one of your strengths.”

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