WeiWei releases ‘vogue-worthy heartbreak anthem’ Human Being in time for WorldPride

The likes of Robyn, MUNA, and Mark Ronson have proved there’s nothing wrong with a tearjerker in the form of an absolute dancefloor bop, and we can add New York-based WeiWei to that list now thanks to her latest single ‘Human Being’.

Released just in time to be swooped all over dancefloors this weekend for WorldPride in New York, ‘Human Being’ is about taking someone for granted then later realizing it. “Sorry that I hurt you, I didn’t mean to hurt you, love can really be crazy,” sings WeiWei in the Vogue-worthy house track.

WeiWei says the track is about forgiving others and ourselves for not being perfect. “Human Being is about having someone in your life that tried their best for you but not seeing it at the time. You wanted them to be perfect but they are only human.

“You also have to also forgive yourself for behaving that way because you are only human too.  We all aim for perfection but make mistakes and have regrets. That is part of the human experience.”

Originally born in Changsha, China, WeiWei and her family moved to the U.S. when she was 4 years old. A talented musical prodigy from an early age, WeiWei can play violin, piano and guitar.

After moving to New York from Massachusetts, WeiWei started her career started in NYC Tech as a Technology & Management Consultant then moved on to become a Data Scientist.

Music had always been her calling but grappled with the internal battle of wanting stability but also wanting to chase her dreams, she took a “passion year” to figure herself out creatively. She started writing songs and her first single, ‘Forever’, was released in 2018, which started her music career.

Her music is not only representative of her story but also of freedom from cultural boundaries simply by the pursuit of it.  She writes about the emotions we all move through in life in a fun, consumable and simplistic manner.

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