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Top 5 LGBTQ+ Artists to Listen to in 2018

Take a look at five of our top LGBTQ+ artists hoping to properly emerge out in 2018.

2017 brought us many gay anthems and progressive songs alike, but with every new year, comes more queer music! Our favourite LGBTQ+ icons, as well as up and coming artists, are ready to take on this year with new albums, singles, tours, and more.

Here are the top 5 artists you’ll want to be watching out for in 2018.

#1 Young M.A

Young M.A’s career took off in 2016 when she released her single “Ooouuu”, which ended up reaching over 135 million streams on Spotify and a #19 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Throughout her success, she has never been shy about expressing herself as a proud lesbian, which is evidenced by several mentions of her sexual orientation in her raps.

Following an impressive weight loss, she took to Instagram to address the change, and ended by announcing that more music is “on the way” for 2018. New year, new her? All we can expect is that she won’t be changing her “out, proud and loud” lyrics for her new tracks!

#2 Arca

making it doesn’t matter, making it out does

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Arca is an electronic music producer that’s been climbing the ranks of the industry since his teen years. His Latino upbringing made it difficult to accept himself as a gay man initially, but now, at 28 years old, he’s come out of the closet, released three studio albums and ended the year 2017 by collaborating with Björk on her latest album, Utopia.

The album was released to universal acclaim, and he was even featured in one of its music videos in December. After such a large project was achieved — with an icon no other than Björk! — we can’t wait to see what direction he’ll go from here on out.

#3 Tash Sultana

Although she started out as a busker and self-described drug addict in the streets of Australia, Tash Sultana has turned herself into a global one-woman show. In the past, she’s described herself as gender-fluid, and she’s even told homophobic concert attendees to “get the fuck outta here”.

While her sexual orientation has only been implied so far, she’s earned a place as one of the latest lesbian icons that queer girls fan-girl over. For 2018, Sultana is keeping herself busy with several international tour dates and a debut album in the works for an April release. So we can expect to hear a lot more of her work very, very soon.

#4 Leland

You might not recognize Leland’s name, but you will recognize his work. For years, he’s worked behind the scenes, collaborating with artists like Selena Gomez, Sabrina Carpenter and Troye Sivan. But now the secret songwriter is building a solo career, starting with his breakout single “Mattress” released in 2017.

The songs’ lyrics — which Leland has said he couldn’t part with because they were too personal to him — talk about an unrequited love. Relatable! He’s since stated that the song is a reflection of his growth as a gay artist that is comfortable with his sexuality. This only marks the beginning of an unnamed album that will have his name in front of it this time.

#5 Kehlani

Previous “America’s Got Talent” contestant, Kehlani, began the year 2017 with the release of her debut album, SweetSexySavage. During her World Tour, she took to social media to post pictures of her girlfriend, Shaina Negron. But she wasn’t done there.

In November, she dropped the track “Honey”, where she shamelessly sings about the girl on girl love she’s experiencing. Kehlani has since commented on the song, saying she’s “very openly queer” and thought it was important to “be myself fluidly in my music and not just in my life”. We’re definitely excited for more of that representation in 2018!

Written by Natalie Maza

I’m Alie, your friendly neighbourhood queer Latina! Between juggling freelance writing and graphic design school, I spend a surprising amount of time looking at memes. You can find me at @alieangeles on Instagram.

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