Steven Romero Talks New Single ‘Boyfriend’ and How Lady Gaga Inspires Him

“Gaga gave me the confidence to accept myself for being the weird out-of-the-box gay kid that I am today and to not care what other people think of me.”

Steven Romero is a young singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who brings the sweet nostalgia of teenage memories to life through addictive and catchy pop songs. Having worked with some of the biggest songwriters and producers to have worked with Ke$ha, Fifth Harmony, and Galantis, Steven is set to have a promising music career.

To coincide with the release of his latest single ‘Boyfriend’ (spoiler alert: it’s a bop), we had a little catch up with Steven to find out more about the song, how Lady Gaga and George Michael have inspired him and, of course, whether he’s on team Britney or team Christina (we ask the real questions, don’t deny it).

Hey Steven! So, tell us a bit about your new single ‘Boyfriend’.

I wrote ‘Boyfriend’ with my friend Candy Shields and that day was just so much fun working together! We wrote several songs that day and I had this melody that I didn’t have lyrics to and Candy and I were just talking about the good and bad parts of relationships and the lyrics “Oh, I don’t wanna be your boyfriend” kind of just came out… we screamed of laughter… and we just went with it!

I wanted the song to have a fun feel to it and bring back the old pop sound I loved listening to. I didn’t want to write yet another love song so instead, I wrote about those frustrating times in relationships where you feel like you hate the person you’re with but then at the end of the day, you still love them.

What’s your favourite bit about the song?

My favourite lyrics of the song have to be “I wish you were ugly just so I can get you out my mind” — it kind of perfectly describes the pettiness and frustration that people feel when they are so irritated by the person they love.

You’ve worked with songwriters and producers behind some of the biggest recent pop tracks, what has it been like working with such pop royalty?

I’ve been lucky to work with such amazing songwriters. Not gonna lie, it can definitely be intimidating to go into a session with such talented people, but we have all clicked and gotten along so well that it just feels like you are hanging out with your friends and you have a perfectly crafted song at the end of it!

I specifically wrote ‘Boyfriend’ with Candy Shields, who has written for Fifth Harmony and Galantis, and she is one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. I have so much love for her and I can’t even begin to describe how talented she is. I can genuinely call her my friend and I am excited for y’all to be able to listen to all of the songs we have written together over the past years!


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You’ve listed your inspirations as being Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and George Michael. What is it about these artists that helped spark your music career and how have you seen their influences transpire through your songs?

I worship all three of these icons because they are not only artists, they are also performers. They have always given it their all while also being genuine and that is something that I looked up to so much as a kid. I have always loved singing and known that music was what I wanted to do so watching these artists perform and inspire so many people through their music is what has inspired me to want to be a feel-good pop artist like them.

Seeing both Gaga and George Michael being their authentic self in the public eye also helped me so much as I was trying to figure out who the hell I was as a kid. Growing up in a religious family and going to Catholic school all my life, Gaga gave me the confidence to accept myself for being the weird out-of-the-box gay kid that I am today and to not care what other people think of me.

As a kid, I would jam out to WHAM! with my mom and dance in our living room like no one was watching, so George Michael has always had a special place in my heart for helping create those childhood memories. Watching Michael Jackson perform showed me the influential impact that music can have on making a difference in the world and how it can help people get through shit they may be going through.

In your last single ‘Bad idea’, you sang about how a “bad Idea never felt so good”. Can you recall your last bad idea and how did that turn out for you?

Oh gosh. Honestly, I can’t remember my last bad idea since I’m making so many on the daily… but it would probably have something to do with making poor decisions when going out with friends. I’m kind of still in the phase where I think I’m invincible and love to live in the moment. I always know that most of the things I’m doing could be a bad idea, but ya know what? At least I can look back and confirm that it WAS a bad idea!

Ready for a couple quick-fire questions?… Favourite song right now?

I am forever obsessed with Ariana Grande, so I’m going to have to go with “God Is A Woman”

If you could be stuck in a lift with anyone for ten minutes, who would it be and why?

Either Beyonce or Michelle Obama. I would probably be too busy crying or trying to focus on breathing, but I would want to meet them to have a genuine conversation with them and receive some words of wisdom. I respect them and their work ethic so much.

Britney or Christina?

AHHH! BRITNEY ALL THE WAY…. But I still also love Christina a lot!

Favourite superhero and why?

I did my research… and I’m going to have to go with Superman because he has more than one power. I want those muscles, superhuman intelligence, and I want to be able to fly!

Thanks Steven! ‘Boyfriend’ is available to stream now.

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