Seinabo Sey Unveils Videos for New Tracks

Swedish singer is back with two new tracks.

When Swedish singer Seinabo Sey released her debut album ‘Pretend’ back in 2015, it was a striking, confident and bold release that stood out amongst many already established acts. In fact, it was even declared “One of the Year’s Best Debut Albums” by TIME Magazine.

Since touring the world off the back of the album, Seinabo has been working hard on her sophmore album which should hopefully be released later this year. In the lead-up to the second release, we’ve been treated to a new single “I Owe You Nothing” and its accompanying b-side “Remember” which features Jacob Banks.

Teaming up again with close friend and producer MagnusTheMagnus (aka Magnus Lidehäll) as well as previous collaborators Vincent Pontare, Salem Al Fakir, and Isak Alverus, ‘I Owe You Nothing’ is a multi-layered and soulful track.

The music video for the song was filmed in Gambia, which also happens to be her father’s home country. In the video, Seinabo blends the rich and diverse local fabrics as she drizzles in confidence.


The b-side ‘Remember’ is a love song that she described to DAZED is about “wanting to be remembered for all the good things, and hoping that you can walk out of a relationship – whether it be with myself in time, or with a person – feeling a sense of freedom”.

The music videos for both tracks are directed by Sheila Johansson and NewLand. The video for ‘Remember’ takes inspiration from Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winning Moonlight.

Speaking about her upcoming second album, which is still in production, Seinabo said:

It’s a little bit more clear. I really wanted to chill out with the metaphors and just be straight to the point. It’s been hard, because I always believe that if I tell my truth, it’s gonna lead to conflict, and I’m very scared of conflict. I’ve also been bullshitting myself a lot, and tolerating things that I really don’t want to tolerate. Right now I’m just like, “Fuck it. My intentions are great, if you misunderstand it that’s on you, that’s not me any more. I don’t owe you an explanation.” I’m tired of explaining myself to society in general.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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