Sarah Walk releases ‘CTRL’, an empowering anthem about “fighting against those who bind you”

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Chicago born Sarah Walk has released another inspiring anthem via One Little Indian records.

Her distinct androgynous voice, reminiscent of Leslie Feist, marries the husk of Joni Mitchell to the sweetness of Judie Tzuke and a unique rhythmic piano playing style. Sarah’s music is about big songs and even bigger melodies, with very direct lyrics on the eternal themes of heartbreak and loss.

Her latest single ‘CTRL’ is, according to Walk herself, about “fighting against those who bind you.”

“I feel like it takes twice as much effort for my voice to be heard as a woman and even then it’s often times not taken seriously. We need to be valuing women’s voices and perspectives and listening more. It all starts with listening.”

The music video for the track, written and directed by Zoe Travis, continues that message with an elevation of women’s voices. In fact, the track and its accompanying video are released at the perfect time. Following the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh, ‘CTRL’ is the powerful anthem we need today.

“This video is for all the women fighting their way into the room every single day,” Walk says. “For their voices to be heard and valued and advocating for themselves and for change. It’s inspired me to do the same.

“And thank you to every incredibly fierce woman who was a part of this video and project. It was such an incredible experience.”

Sarah Walk released her debut album ‘Little Black Book’ in October 2017. She described the collection as “an insight into the layers of the human heart; the turbulence of relationships as they rise and fall.”

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