Robyn Unveils ‘Missing U’, Her Comeback Heartbreak Anthem

It’s been a whopping EIGHT YEARS since Robyn last released new solo music and whilst we had just about given up hope of new music anytime soon, she’s pleased us all with the first teaser of a forthcoming release.

Considering the track has been so long-awaited by fans, it’s reassuring that the track is an absolute bop and contains all the heartbreak on the dance-floor realness her fans have come to know her for.

‘Missing U’ is Many fans will see ‘Missing U’ as more than an ode to a lover – In fact, it could also be seen as a message to them. As the Swedish popstar sings “this empty space you left behind,” it’s almost as if she knew just exactly how her fans feel. Further reiterating such theory, Robyn released a seven-minute clip to preview the track titled simply ‘A Message to My Fans’.

Despite declaring on BBC Radio 1 as she premiered the track that she had “grown tired of myself writing sad love songs,” she seems to have found her heartbreak mojo once more.

Listen to the terrific track below, which only just whets the appetite for what else is to come.

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