Robyn is Releasing New Album ‘Honey’ Next Month and We Can’t Believe It!

This time last year, we’d have probably given up on the idea of a new Robyn album. In fact, when the Swedish singer surprised us with ‘Missing U’ just last month, we still had our doubts that a full body of work was anytime near.

Fortunately for us, Robyn is about to deliver us the goods with her first full-length album in 8 years. ‘Honey’ is set to be released on October 26th and we are already counting down the days.

In 2012, during the first season of her popular television series “Girls,” show creator and Robyn super-fan Lena Dunham featured “Dancing On My Own” in a crucial point in the storyline. The song placement re-ignited interest in the track which had been released two years earlier. In late 2016, Lena contacted Robyn and asked if she would consider creating a song specifically for the show’s final season.  Already working on new music, she agreed and sent some ideas to Dunham. She picked a song, and the first incarnation of “Honey” was introduced to the world.

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Over the next two years, Robyn experimented with softer sounds and ideas and brought in Metronomy’s Joseph Mount.  She also worked with long-time collaborator Klas Åhlund, Adam Bainbridge (a.k.a. Kindness), Mr. Tophat and Zhala, putting it all together in studios in Stockholm, London, Paris, New York and Ibiza.

Antsy for more music, and already familiar with the “Girls” song, her fans started demanding that she #RELEASEHONEYDAMNIT.  Continuing to play the tease, Robyn, in a Red Bull panel with friend and collaborator Kindness, took on the mantra herself, shouting “Release ‘Honey’ Damnit!” at the end of the interview.

According to the singer herself, the album is:

This sweet place, like a very soft ecstasy. Something that’s so sensual, and so good.  I danced a lot when I was making it. I found a sensuality and a softness that I don’t think I was able to use in the same way before. Everything just became softer.

Whilst it doesn’t even remotely give anything away, it still helps fuel our anticipation!

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