Little Dragon teleport into a medieval disco video game in ‘Lover Chanting’ video

Forget virtual reality, Little Dragon have made a medieval disco role-playing game actual reality in the visuals for the latest single ‘Lover Chanting’.

Released earlier this month, ‘Lover Chanting’ is a bop-worthy anthem blended together by bass-heavy electronica and R&B beats. The aim of the song is simple, the band simply wants you to “dance for peace and unity in this world of madness,” – fair enough, we can do that.

The video for the track, directed by Jack Whiteley (Young Fathers, Spring King) & Joe Wills, shows the Swedish band transport into a colourful RPG full of off-the-wall cosplay characters. Filmed at Allington Castle in Kent, the video firmly plays into the song’s strong disco roots.

Director Jack Whiteley said: “We felt there were some strong parallels to draw between the late-70s disco scene and the world of online role-play gaming. Two worlds worshipped for freedom of expression, pure escapism and the ability to redesign yourself in any way you want.

This is our attempt at creating a hybrid between those two worlds – a surreal online gaming environment and a heated 70s disco dance-off!

‘Lover Chanting’ is taken from Little Dragon’s brand-new 3 track EP, which is self-produced by the band in their Gothenburg studio. The ‘Lover Chanting’ EP will be released digitally on 9th November, with a vinyl pressing scheduled for the following week. The EP marks the first release since their signing with iconic label Ninja Tune.

Lead singer Yukimi Nagano said that the EP is all about “the force of love.”

Whether that is while you’re dancing at a disco forgetting where you are or just staring at the moon on a clear night, it can be anything. A swim in the ocean, a glance at a stranger–it’s a personal individual thing. Call it what you want but we have all felt it.

‘Lover Chanting’ EP Tracklist (Digital):

  1. Lover Chanting
  2. In My House
  3. Timothy
  4. Lover Chanting (Edit)

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