Jetta on taking creative control on latest ‘Tonic’ EP and supporting All Saints on tour

If you don’t already know about Liverpudlian singer, songwriter and producer Jetta, then you’ve been missing out.

The multi-talented star already has over 200 million YouTube views and 100 million plays on Spotify alone. Not only that, but she’s about to head on the road this week with ICONIC girl-band All Saints on their latest UK tour to coincide with her latest ‘Tonic’ EP.

Ahead of the tour, we caught up with Jetta to talk about the creative process behind her music and, of course, to find out what her favourite All Saints song is.

Hey Jetta! First of all, we’ve gotta talk about the All Saints tour. How excited are you?

On a scale of 1-10? 11.

What’s your all-time favourite All Saints song?

Oooh… ‘Pure Shores’ is my all-time fave – it reminds me of Leo in ‘The Beach’. Or ‘Bootie Call’ when I’m feeling cheeky.

You released your latest EP ‘Tonic’ earlier this year. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

It’s my first self-produced record! It’s a 4 track EP going through the different stages of dealing with something. It was great having complete control not only as a performer but as the producer and I’ve never experienced such creative freedom before which is really exciting. I’d highly recommend it.

The songs cover topics such as self-doubt (‘Enemy In Me’) and heartbreak (‘Fool’), so was calling the EP ‘Tonic’ intentional? Has it felt medicinal to unleash these feelings into the world?

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

The music video to ‘Losing Control’ looks like it was a lot of fun to make (the track is also a 100% banger). How was it getting all glammed up and working the choreography?

Haha thanks, I LOVED it. I absolutely love dressing up, I have a huge dressing up box at home. It was fun to unleash other sides of myself and play different roles. Also being a Liverpool girl, glam is everything.

Speaking of your videos, they always seem to have such a creative vision behind them. How do the ideas come to you? Is it ever a case of you have the video in mind when you’re working on the track?

Yes and yes. I’m definitely a visual thinker, that’s why I love music production as much as songwriting and singing. It paints a picture as it’s all coming together.

I had a vision for each video and shared that with a director to bring it to life – you can’t do everything on your own! Besides, it’s way more fun to work as a team on things like that.

To anyone new to Jetta, how would you describe your sound in five words?

Go listen and tell me. That’s five words, isn’t it?

Which artists do you currently find inspiration from?

I didn’t listen to much new music while I was recording, I didn’t wanna get distracted, however, there are artists I love listening to… y’know what, I’ll just make some Spotify playlists of my faves. Watch this space!

Jetta will be supporting All Saints on tour across the UK this November and December, kicking off on November 29th at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge. For tickets and further dates, click here.

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Stream the ‘Tonic’ EP on Spotify here.

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