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‘IDGAF’ Declares Jiggly Caliente and Sharon Needles In Music Video

May we call you Jiggly?

It’s been six years since we saw Jiggly Caliente on season four of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Since then, she’s publicly came out as trans and has been working relentlessly on her debut album ‘T.H.O.T. Process’.


The album, which is available now to buy and stream, marks the first straight-up hip hop album from a Drag Race alum and also features collaborations with the likes of Ginger Minj, Peppermint, Alaska and even RuPaul, who lends herself to the album’s intro.

The album also features a knock-out collab with Sharon Needles in the lead single ‘IDGAF’. Contending with Dua Lipa’s IDGAF status, the track is all about doing what you want and not taking any haters along for the ride.

The music video for the track sees Jiggly and Sharon flip the finger in a variety of dazzling outfits.


Speaking to Billboard about the album, Jiggly said:

You know, I could have easily done the super Auto-Tuned, typical drag tracks. Talking about your hair, your drag, your nails and all of that, but I wanted to make sure that I was true to myself. If I was going to put out an album, I needed it to be me.

During the interview, Jiggly also had the opportunity to discuss what its like to be a trans drag queen following RuPaul’s recent comments.

Drag is, for the most part in the trans community, ultra-fem, ultra glamorous — it is basically femininity transcended. Because it’s like, the hair is high, it’s often about gorgeousness. So a lot of the time, I feel that among the trans community who are entertainers, a lot of men view us as sexual objects. So a lot of the time, the lines are kind of blurred for some men, because I feel that trans women are just so sexualized. And that’s especially for trans women who are entertainers.

There are so many times — countless times — where I tell a man or a guy that I’m an entertainer, and the first thing they go to is, “Are you in porn?” I’m like, “Are you f—ing with me here?” Or sometimes I’ll say, “Oh, I’m an actress,” and as soon as you say “actress,” they assume that you’re in porn. It’s like, “No!”  You know, drag queens are very similar to geishas. We’re selling art and beauty and dance and song, not our bodies.

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