Greta Isaac Blurs the Lines of Sexuality and Gender in ‘Undone’

It’s bop o’clock!

Welsh artist Greta Isaac’s latest single is a well-crafted, glitchy electro-pop bop. There, we said it.

‘Undone’ is an uplifting track, surrounded in Isaac’s soaring vocals and a funky electronic beat. Speaking to QWEERIST, the singer elaborates that the track is “about that horrible part of your subconscious that toys with other people’s emotions purely for the thrill of making someone attracted to you, regardless of whether or not you’re actually interested. Essentially, a narcissist’s paradise.” Fair enough.


The just-released music video for the track, which features dance artist Matteo Marfoglia alongside electro-indie artist Zander Sweeney, sees sexuality and gender interwined as a performer is seen wearing a glitzy cabaret outfit of glitter, fishnets and sequins, allowing viewers to decipher for themselves the identity of the silhouette.

Speaking about the video, Greta Isaac said:

This video, featuring the fabulous Matteo Marfoglia alongside Zander Sweeney, I hope blurs the lines of sexuality and gender. The main subject in the video to me really embodies confidence, playful dominance and sass! So no matter what your sexual preference, you’re sure to come ‘Undone’ under their spell.

Check out the dazzling music video below.


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