Gregory Dillon releases 80’s synth-inspired Where We’re Going

Rising retro-pop star Gregory Dillon has unveiled his latest single and it brings all the summer vibes we could possibly need right now.

‘Where We’re Going’ is described as being a track about not knowing where your new relationship is headed quite yet, but loving that feeling of the unknown.

The track, to appear on his debut album ‘Send Me Letters’ which will be released later this year, brings 80’s pop nostalgia together with the sound of today to create a hot summer bop.

“Whenever something is going good in a relationship or life in general, I tend to overthink,” says Gregory about the story behind the track.

“I’d do anything to look into the future to see where something is going and if I am taking all the right steps. But at the same time not knowing is honestly the best part, and I wrote this song to remind myself that the present moment is the best moment.”

Where We’re Going

Where We’re Going, a song by Gregory Dillon on Spotify

Each of Gregory’s singles from his upcoming album is inspired by a specific element in nature, with ‘Where We’re Going’ being inspired by sunsets.

Gregory says: “To me, the stairs of my rooftop led to our own little paradise above the confusion of the city. Sunsets up there were heavenly. They’re a warm metaphor for fate and paradise.”

The track was written at the early stages of Gregory’s most recent relationship. “It’s hard to forget the first date waiting for him at the end of the 72nd st platform,” the New York-based singer says. “I was irrationally sweaty and nervous, but I remember his smile behind the doors of the train as it came to a stop.”

When filming the upcoming music video for the track, Gregory and his crew accidentally stumbled across a carnival. They planned a completely different shoot but instead decided to go with it, letting the song’s themes of embracing the unknown future take over.

“It fit perfectly with the song,” said Gregory. “Paradise hits you when you least expect it.” 

‘Where We’re Going’ was written by Gregory Dillon and co-produced by Gregory Dillon and London producer JJ Mitchell.

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