Glossii Release Energetic New Single ‘Runaway Rockaway’

With hard-hitting riffs and addictive beats, Glossii may just be your new favourite band and have been quickly making waves across the London LGBTQ+ music scene.

Glossii are a South London four-piece post-punk band comprising of bassist Charlie Lock, guitarist Lewis Smith, drummer Reuben Rost, and front-woman Sofia Zanghirella. Together, they infuse an energetic sound with catchy vocals that make you want to sing along with from the top of your lungs. Think Paramore and Garbage mixed with Wolf Alice, and you’ll be on the right track.

The band’s latest single ‘Runaway Rockaway’ is a stomping riot from start to finish. Kicking off with a pulsating drum beat, Zanghirella’s infectious vocals soon lead us up to a rousing chorus packed full of attitude and energy – a musical rollercoaster ride at just over three minutes long.

The track follows the band’s debut single ‘Headache’, with both set to feature on a forthcoming EP. Speaking to QWEERIST about ‘Runaway Rockaway’, vocalist Sofia Zanghirella said: “It’s one of my favourite songs on the EP because of how contrasting it is to the majority of our other songs. When writing it, the decision to have three verses instead of the usual structure of two was made for many reasons. It’s a pretty fast song so it worked having another verse and also I found it so much easier to tell a full story with an extra verse and to fully express the emotion through it.”

The song is about wanting to run away and believing that, if you did, your ‘mind would be clear’ and essentially free from pain. I wrote this at a time when I felt a lot of pressure and just wanted to leave it all behind and fuck off basically. We recorded the song at Eastcote studios with George Murphy who made it such a mad and enjoyable experience.

I think this song was definitely the hardest but most fun to record because of the difficult timing with the guitar and drums together and I thought, recording the vocals for this specific track was so interesting as we discovered crazy harmonies and layers to add which George helped us do, fleshing out the song.

Glossii will celebrate the release by playing at the ‘DIY Presents Big Indie, Big Nights’ show at Two Tribe Brewing in London on the 12th September. Tickets are free and available here.

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