Detox Serves Cease and Desist Fish In #SueList Music Video

D to the E to the T to the O to the- Hold it!… X. Detox has unleashed her new music video.RuPaul’s Drag Race icon and All Stars contestant Detox has unveiled her latest single and it’s a catchy number on the topic of suing.

Taking inspiration from Nina Bo’Nina “Sue Me” Brown, Detox throws warning shots at anyone who even dares to consider taking money from her in her new track #SueList.

Taken from her upcoming EP ‘Comin’ At’Cha’, the track is produced by Ellis Miah who also happened to produce RuPaul’s iconic ‘Read U, Wrote U’ track which featured at the end of All Stars 2 (and also featured Detox too).

I’ll be getting vindication while you stuck in litigation, while I’m hitting you with stations, bitch won’t be no deviation.

Serving up real cease and desist fish, the Shawn Adeli-directed music video for #SueList sees Detox take the role of judge and lawyer, whilst casually setting some money on fire before finding the time to bust out some super solid dance moves.

Check out the music video below which serves as a nice reminder not to cross this queen.

We just have one question to ask: Why you acting funny, honey?

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