Christina Aguilera Unleashes ‘Fall In Line’ Video Featuring Demi Lovato

Don’t expect Christina and Demi to be falling in line any time soon.

It’s been a massive six years since Christina Aguilera released her last studio album in the form of ‘Lotus’ (and even longer since the underrated ‘Bionic’) but we’re proud to say that she is back and a new album is merely weeks away from being released.

To promote the upcoming album ‘Liberation’, due out on June 15th, Aguilera has just released the stunning music video for her latest single ‘Fall In Line’ which also happens to feature pop starlet Demi Lovato.


The visuals for the track see Aguilera and Lovato both taken hostage as children and taken to an underground prison, before being made to perform in front of cameras and a microphone. As both singers made their debut in the spotlight as childhood stars, it’s safe to presume the video serves as a metaphor for how the industry could be blamed for taking their childhood away and being told how to act and perform.

The lyrics in the track also seem to support that message, with both Christina and Demi proudly singing about how “I got a mind to show my strength, and I got a right to speak my mind” and that “they’re gonna burn me at the stake but I got a fire in my veins, I wasn’t made to fall in line.”

Watch the music video below.

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