broox asks ‘Can I B Ur Girlfrnd’ in soulful queer anthem

New York City-based singer, songwriter and producer broox returns with a soulful anthem.

Earlier this year, broox debuted the electronic-glazed ‘Real Love’. The track blended the singer’s soulful vocals with a glistening beat and showed that she was an artist to keep an eye on.

Thankfully, her follow-up is another dazzling delight. ‘Can I B Ur Girlfrnd’ is a queer anthem seeking a girl who matches up with broox’s desires. Hazy vocals, with a little bit of sass, join a late night groove to create a hypnotising track celebrating individuality.

Speaking about the track, broox said: “‘Can I B Ur Girlfrnd’ is a queer anthem appreciating women in all shapes and forms. More specifically, appreciating the fluidity in a gay woman’s gender & fashion expression, ranging from both the masculinity and femininity scale.”

In the world we live in today, the media and Hollywood tend to stick to two “types” of lesbians: the butch and the lipstick fem.

This song is a shout out to and for all the other gay women that fall in-between those labels, which is the majority of us.

Can I B Ur Girlfrnd

Can I B Ur Girlfrnd, a song by broox on Spotify

‘Can I B Ur Girlfrnd’ just whets the appetite for what else is to come from the singer.

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