Aaron Porter takes down toxic masculinity in flawless ‘BOY’ video

It’s time to meet your new pop fave in the form of Aaron Porter.

Blending world-class vocals with an empowering future pop/R&B beat, Aaron Porters’ debut single ‘BOY’ is a complex anthem of love and lust.

The stand-out track was written by Porter, alongside London duo Nimmo, with vocals produced by Cameron Gower Poole (Dua Lipa, Ray BLK). Overall production is by Tev’n.

Porter’s creativity shines throughout both the track and the accompanying music video, co-directed by Porter himself and Amy Banks. The impressive choreography refuses to conform to masculinity’s norms, a reoccurring attribution to Porters’ sense of artistry.

As a black gay man, Porter has the poise and confidence to become a breakthrough artist and a role model. His mission is pretty simple:

I think often we’re not allowed to really show much emotion or be very feminine, so I’m just going to go full out as me and hope people get on board and it helps someone.

Drawn from personal experiences, whether its heartbreak, sexuality or his childhood from growing up in East Grinstead in the 90s raised by a single mother, Porter is an incredibly exciting artist that we can’t wait to see and hear more from.

Having enrolled at the BRIT School to study musical theatre and finding his big break in the West End, he was drawn into music as an outlet to express himself through his own material.

When he came out he experienced no dilemma over being gay, instead he agonised over the relationships he knew he’d have to have with other men.

“I think that’s probably why it took me a while to figure it out,” he muses. “Because I didn’t really want to realise that at some point I’d have to trust men. My mum had been through things with men that I would never want to go through, and because I saw all that it made me just not trust them.”

Being himself throughout this all means we have an inspiring role model to champion and relate to.

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