Blue Monday: Six tips to help survive the most depressing day of the year

It’s safe to say that January is one of the weirdest months of the year. Having to adjust to a post-festive month all while being surrounded by everyone talking about their (soon to be failed) New Year’s resolutions, it definitely takes a lot of willpower to get through.

As if that in itself isn’t enough, then comes Blue Monday on January 21st. In what is allegedly the most depressing, lonely, and sad day of the year, it’s just the cherry on top of the cake that nobody ordered.

Thankfully, we’ve been blessed with some tips to make it through the bluest of days. Read on to find out how you can avoid the inevitable mid-life crisis or the negative moments in life.

Embrace It

According to personal development consultant Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz, accepting things is one of the first ways you can best deal with those down days.

“It’s normal to be down and it’s normal to be blue. Stop giving all your energy to fearing Blue Monday and accept that these down moments will pass,” he says. Take the good with the bad, and focus on the good!

Walk This Way

Just something as simple as taking a walk outside can be pivotal in boosting your mood, says hypnotherapist Fiona Lamb.

“Yes, you might need to wrap up warm this time of year but with the days still dark and short, you need to make the most of the daylight while you can,” she suggests. So, crack out that Christmas jumper that’ll soon be residing in the cupboard and get out and about.

Exercise Choice

“Once you’ve come to accept Blue Monday, you can then exercise choice and control over how you are going to deal with it,” believes Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz.

“Plan your day around the things that make you happy and you will be able to change the colour of the day to whatever one you want.”

New Year, New You

Mammarella-D’Cruz believes that having a clear-out can be a great way to start afresh. “We’re all guilty of being hoarders and everyone has stuff that they need to get rid of,” he says.

“Whether it’s too many Internet tabs or stacks of files, have a clean-up and a clear out and get rid of the impending shadows that linger over you. Use Blue Monday to expand your horizons rather than be fearful and hide behind your backlogs.” That’s us told, then.

Treat Yoself

Treat Yo’ Self day may not be until October, but there’s never an excuse not to spoil yourself.

Fiona Lamb suggests pampering yourself a little bit is a perfect way to get over Blue Monday. “Whether it’s giving yourself a bubble bath or a facial, there are all sorts of ways to unwind that leave you feeling and looking your best.

“For bath time, try magnesium salts, which really help relax those muscles. And I’ve yet to find a hair mask that is as good as Philip Kingsly Elasticizer. Go on – treat yourself!”

Pair that bath up with a new book and you’re raring to go.

Change Your Mindset

How you choose to handle the negative thoughts is essentially how you’ll get over them. “You know this down moment might come, so get into the headspace of, “what am I going to do about it?” What have you done in the past that has worked for you,” says Mammarella-D’Cruz.

“List these things down and energise these positive thoughts into actions. You need to emotionally move into a positive mindset and take charge of Blue Monday turning it into blue skies.”

If all else fails, then just play this mash-up of Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ alongside New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ until you’re bopping around the office:

Known as ‘The Man Whisperer’, Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz is a personal development consultant whose sole aim is to get to the heart of any man’s problems. Kenny employs a wide variety of unique techniques to dive into his clients inner self.

Fiona Lamb is a hypnotherapist based in Harley Street and High Street Kensington. Fiona specialises in helping her clients navigate anxiety, emotional eating, and addictions by using a variety of bespoke hypnotherapeutic treatments.

For more mood-boosting tips, click here.

Written by Adam Maidment

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