Video Captures What It’s Like Walking as Trans

Video provides an immersive perspective of what it’s like being transgender in public.

A new video from Mic documents the real experiences that transgender people face when walking, commuting, and just trying to get by in their everyday lives.

The documentary short offers an opportunity to witness first-hand the judgement and moments of aggression that can be directed towards transgender people everyday.

The video, which was spearheaded by Mic‘s Serena Daniari, follows four different trans individuals as they walk through New York. Speaking about the importance of the video, Daniari says:

My goal with the project is to provide individuals outside of the trans community with a deeper understanding of the impacts of transphobia, and the nuances of trans identity.

To gain real footage, the producers of the video had to creative about how they were able to capture these genuine responses from people. GoPro cameras were attached to the individuals and to the cameraman walking in front of them. Most of the footage was shot about 20 feet behind the subjects using a zoom lens allowing the audience to take a walk in their shoes.

The video perfectly captures what is often a harsh reality for many transgender people, and showcases the staring and bewilderment that many will recognise only far too well.

Take a watch of the powerful video below:

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