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The Most and Least Gay-Friendly Countries of 2018 Are…

New index reveals the two countries tied in top position.

Each year, Spartacus release their Gay Travel Index which indicates the countries which are most gay-friendly. In doing so, the index also highlights those that are doing the worst when it comes to being accepting towards the LGBTQ+ community.

The index is based on a number of different factors, including adoption laws, civil partnerships, and whether homosexuality is illegal in the country. For the first time, the index will also take into account transgender rights.

The following factors can result in positive or negative points:

  • Antidiscrimination legislation
  • Marriage/Civil partnership
  • Adoption allowed
  • Transgender rights
  • Equal age of consent

Whilst, these factors result in negative points towards the country:

  • Religious influence
  • HIV travel restrictions
  • Anti-gay laws
  • Homosexuality illegal
  • Pride banned
  • Locals hostile
  • Prosecution
  • Murders
  • Death sentences

Leading 2018’s index in joint top position are Canada and Sweden, both scoring ten points. With the recent introduction of equal marriage in Germany, the country is in joint third place with 11 other countries including Belgium, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Israel, Colombia, Cuba, and Botswana all saw improvements on their previous rankings, with Israel making it to 21st on the list. Those to perform worse on previous years include Brazil, which was marked down because of the high number of murders of LGBTQ+ individuals in 2017. The USA also saw a drop down the list, falling 5 places to 39th – primarily down to the Trump administration’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

At the very bottom of the list in 197th position is, unsurprisingly, Chechnya. Anti-LGBTQ+ violence in the country has helped the country score -16 points.

The five worst countries for LGBTQ+ acceptance are:

  • Chechnya (-16 points)
  • Somalia (-15 points)
  • Saudi Arabia (-14 points)
  • Iran (-14 points)
  • Yemen (-11 points)

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