Research Suggests that Fully Straight or Gay People Don’t Exist

University study reveals some interesting insights on sexuality.

Guess what? It turns out that, according to new research, nobody can actually be 100% straight or gay.

Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that fully straight and gay people don’t really exist, with human sexuality instead being fluid.


To uncover true human sexuality, Ritch C. Savin-Williams, who is the Director of Developmental Psychology and the Director of the Sex and Gender Lab in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University, studied participants eye dilation as they were shown pornographic scenes.

Speaking to Broadly about the research, Savin-Williams said:

It’s basically a study that assesses sexual orientation by looking at the eyes and whether they dilate or not. You can’t control your eye dilation. Essentially, that’s what the whole project attempts to get at, another way of assessing sexuality without relying on self report. Another way of course is genital arousal, but that gets a little invasive.


Savin-Williams and his team of researchers at Cornell University found that participants responded positively to both hetero and homosexual sex, suggesting that sexuality instead operates on a spectrum, as opposed to a binary system.

Adding insight to the results of the study, Savin-Williams explained:

We’ve always recognized mostly straight women, that is, women who mostly are straight but if the right woman comes along, well maybe she’ll try it out. We used to think that was only a female phenomenon.

We show straight men a picture of a woman masturbating and they respond just like a straight guy, but then you also show them a guy masturbating and their eyes dilate a little bit. So we’re actually able to show physiologically that all guys are not either gay, straight, or bi.

So, there you have it. Of course, more research on the subject is required but it’s interesting to see further research to suggest there isn’t a black-or-white situation when it comes to sexuality.


Written by Jim Bong

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