Celebrations at Pride IN London. (Photo credit: Michele Ghidoni)
Celebrations at Pride IN London. (Photo credit: Michele Ghidoni)
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#LwithTheT: How the Lesbian Community is Standing Up for Trans Rights on Social Media

Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQIA+ community has responded to the recent events during Pride In London that saw an anti-transphobic group lead the parade route by launching a social media campaign in support of trans rights.

the #LwithTheT campaign sees cisgender female lesbians sharing a short 5-second video with their followers saying ‘I am a cis female lesbian, I support trans rights – trans women do not erase me. Keep the L with the T’.

The response to the campaign has already seen the hashtag become one of the top trending tags on Twitter. The initial video, consisting of members of the Brighton LGBTIQA+ community, was watched over 9K times on Facebook alone.

A spokeswoman for the campaign told QWEERIST:

We did not want this small section of the lesbian community to claim to speak on behalf of all cisgender lesbians or allow their hatred and call for separatism to lead the parade. This is a way to show love to our trans sisters in this difficult time.

We are firm in our knowledge that trans women are women and trans lives are not up for debate. The action counters the onslaught of sensationalist headlines with a clear message of love and solidarity between all women.

Organisers behind the campaign also highlighted how Pride in London have not done enough to support marginalised people until the LGBTIQA+ umbrella. Organisers say they believe that “London Pride should put their money where their apology is and use some of their corporate sponsorship money to donate to small charities,” and that “the harm caused to the community cannot be underestimated, and London Pride has a duty of care to the communities it supposedly represents.”

Some of the alarming recent statistics to be released by Stonewall revealed that 64% of trans pupils in Britain’s schools are bullied for being transgender, whilst 48% of trans people under the age of 26 have attempted suicide.

A press release stated that the #LwiththeT campaign was created as a way “for cisgender members of the LGB community to continually voice their support of the trans community and to step up against transphobic violence wherever they see it.

“We wish the social media campaign to continue, and we encourage everyone to post their statements of solidarity in various shapes and forms and put pressure on pride to offer reparations as a matter of urgency.”

See some of the videos and messages shared by people using the #LwiththeT hashtag below.

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