Celebrations at Pride IN London. (Photo credit: Michele Ghidoni)
Celebrations at Pride IN London. (Photo credit: Michele Ghidoni)
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Brits More Likely to Care About Animal Rights than Racial, LGBTQ+, and Gender Equality

New statistics from Pride in London have found that the UK majority cares more about animal rights than they are about gender equality or tolerance for people with different sexualities/gender identities.

In a survey conducted by the community interest company, alongside YouGov, respondents were asked to choose three from a range of issues that concern them. 7% of cisgender straight people stated animal rights, whilst just 3% of cisgender straight people were concerned about tolerance for those with different sexualities/gender identities. In contrast, 44% of LGBTQ+ people were concerned. Meanwhile, only 2% of cisgender straight people highlighted gender equality as a concern versus 22% of the LGBT+ respondents.


The findings of the survey form as part of the ‘Pride Matters’ report which is described as being “one of the most comprehensive comparisons between experiences of straight people and LGBT+ people in the UK.”

Other revealed statistics include that over one in ten gay men (12%) and almost one in five lesbians (17%) of the survey’s respondents are not out to their family. 40% of asexual/queer/pansexual/polysexual (AQPP) respondents weren’t out, whilst 46% of bisexual respondents also hadn’t come out to their family.

Alarmingly, 10% of transgender respondents feel that LGBT+ people are less accepted in society than five years ago, and almost two thirds have felt threatened by other people’s behaviour towards them in the last year alone (64%). Looking to the future, 7% of LGBTQ+ respondents fear that the UK is set to become less accepting towards LGBTQ+ people in the next five years.

The survey also found that, in the last year alone, two fifths (44%) of LGBTQ+ respondents in London had felt threatened by others and over a third (36%) had suffered verbal abuse because of who they are.


Alison Camps, Co-Chair of Pride in London said: “Our Pride Matters report highlights the very precarious position we find ourselves in as a nation. We are living in times when the UK is actually going backwards in terms of our international standing on LGBT+ rights, when hate crime is on the rise, and when equality is being used as a bargaining chip by political parties”

“Our research shows that although many in this country may think LGBT+ people have achieved equality, the reality is that we are by no means ‘equal’. As a nation, this is not something we can be complacent about and as the organisers of Pride in London, we commit to fighting prejudice in whatever form we see or encounter it, to give a voice to those who are marginalised, ostracised and demonised within our communities.

“Together with our straight allies we see it as our collective responsibility to challenge harmful attitudes across society and highlight the reality that LGBT+ people face in all aspects of their lives”.

Pride in London have also produced a touching ad to highlight the impact that Pride has on members of the LGBTQ+ community. The ad, titled ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, got it’s TV debut last night on Channel 4 and features an entirely LGBTQ+ Cast. The two-minute short film also stars trans couple Jake Graf and Hannah Winterbourne who married earlier this year.

Speaking about the importance of Pride, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said: Pride is a perfect opportunity for us to come together to celebrate the amazing contribution our LGBT+ community makes to all our lives. I know that it will once again show that London is open to everyone, regardless of age, race, religion, disability, gender or sexuality.”

Pride In London runs across June and July, with Parade Day taking place on Saturday 7th July.

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