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The UK’s first LGBTQ+ parenting podcast launches with an aim to ‘give some encouragement, support and perspective’

Some Families, the UK’s first LGBTQ+ parenting podcast series, has this week launched across all major podcast platforms with its first episode “Are We Nearly There Yet?” – The Journey Begins.

The series, produced by Storyhunter and distributed by Acast, will break down queer parenting myths, share funny, emotional and true stories from the LGBTQ+ community and answer questions for those thinking about parenthood.

Some Families is hosted by lesbian mum Lotte Jeffs, an author, journalist and reformed magazine editor, and gay dad Stu Oakley, a film publicist who thought he was used to dealing with divas until he had toddlers.

Lotte, a mum via donor conception, and Stu, a dad via adoption, will be sharing their own experiences as queer parents and chatting to a plethora of guests who will join the podcast to discuss their journey to parenthood plus the ups and downs of parenting through an LGBTQ+ lens.

Donor conception, adoption, surrogacy, being the gay dads at mother and baby groups, two mums on mother’s day, how to field impertinent questions, where and how to start your journey, bullying, being the other mother, the pros and cons of using a known donor, raising a happy teen, schooling and so much more will be covered by Some Families… all from the perspective of real queer families.

“I’m thrilled to be hosting Some Families with Stu” says co-host Lotte Jeffs.

“There’s so little information available to LGBTQ+ people thinking about starting a family, hopefully by sharing our own stories and listening to others’ we’ll give people contemplating becoming or in the middle of being a parent some encouragement, support and perspective.”

“Every family is so unique and as queer parents, there are so many different journeys we can go on to build our families” added co-host Stu Oakley.

“I am beyond excited to explore this world with Lotte and to listen, share and discover more from some truly inspirational people.”

Listen at https://play.Acast.Com/s/somefamilies or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Written by QWEERIST editor

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