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This Awesome Movie Tool Makes a Film Suggestion for Each Day of the Year

Thanks to the sheer popularity of streaming sites, watching a movie has never been easier. It’s no wonder that an estimated 80 per cent of Brits will watch at least one movie a month.

We don’t know about you but our biggest problem with watching movies is actually getting round to picking one out of the so many to choose from. On some occasions, we can even admit to having just spent the time scrolling before giving up and going to bed.

Thankfully, Carphone Warehouse have whipped their superhero suit on and decided to help us out when it comes to difficult movie decisions with the launch of their unique movie calendar. The interactive tool provides a film suggestion for every day of the year, so you’ll never go a day without a recommended movie.

You can either let the calendar suggest today’s movie (we won’t spoil what it is – you’ll need to click the link above to find out!), or you can select a date yourself to find out what the suggestion is for that specific day which is super handy when you’re organising a movie date night!

Just some of the movie suggestions include:

  • January 1st – When Harry Met Sally. Recommended for this day as things change between Harry and Sally at a New Year’s Eve party, a moment after midnight.
  • March 24th – The Breakfast Club. Recommended for this day as it’s the day of detention that sees five misunderstood students form a bond.
  • April 25th – Miss Congeniality. Recommended for this day as it’s Miss Rhode Island’s perfect date, duhhh!
  • August 15th – The Wizard of Oz. The film had its grand premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California on this day in 1939.
  • August 22nd – Brokeback Mountain. On Annie Proulx’s birthday, the cowboy romance movie is a perfect watch.
  • October 3rd – Mean Girls. Cady Heron works on her crush: ‘I’ve been talking to Aaron more and more. On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was. “It’s October 3rd.”

Have a go with the Massive Movie Calendar tool right now.

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