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Stephanie Beatriz Says She’ll be “Bi Till the Day I Die” In Open Letter

“Living authentically gives me so much joy and feels so honest and good.”

Stephanie Beatriz, star of the hit US sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has recently shared an powerful open letter declaring how proud she is of her bisexuality.

In the letter, first published on GQ, Beatriz spoke of having to continually come out, her experiences of Pride, and the fact that she is set to marry a man doesn’t make her any less queer.

Bisexuality often needs an explanation. It isn’t something you can often “read” on a person, and because of that bi people sometimes feel like an invisible part of the LGBTQIA community. People’s sexuality is often defined by who we’re partnered with at any given moment, which can be a frustrating limitation for me. I’ve had countless tiny “coming out” moments in my life, often simply to explain to someone else that they have misjudged my sexuality based on who they saw me dating. Now I have a small platform of visibility, because I’m on a fun and (if I do say so myself) damn good television show. I’ve chosen to use that platform to speak openly about my bi-ness, because of other people who may feel invisible and unsure of whether or not to come out as bisexual.

Speaking about the honour of riding a float as part of D.C. Pride’s parade, and how she had fears of attending with her heterosexual fiance she said: “I’ve only been to one other Pride as an out bi person, and here I was, about to board a float with my heterosexual cis-male partner in tow. Would I be accepted by the community watching the parade?”

Thankfully, Beatriz was more than accepted and had a brilliant time. In the letter, she recounted how she was “drunk on the love we received”, and got to meet many people who were inspired by her Brooklyn Nine-Nine character.

In the hit police comedy, Beatriz’s Rosa comes out as bi. By meeting fans at Pride, Beatriz discovered just how inspiring that story-line had been and how it had helped many people with coming to terms and accepting their own sexuality. One young man “whispered that he loved the episode in which Rosa came out to her family. He too, he said, identifies as bi but is unable to share it with his family. He told me that the episode meant so much to him, and then he trailed off.”

Beatriz added that “it feels so fucking good to be out. It’s still scary sometimes—I feel like an outsider so often. But those moments of discomfort are worth it, because living authentically gives me so much joy and feels so honest and good.”

Ending the letter, she said “I’ll be bi till the day I die, baby, and I vow to myself to always sing that truth”.

Earlier this year, Brooklyn Nine-Nine won the Outstanding Comedy Series at the GLAAD Media Award, where Beatriz said how proud she was to be a bi actress playing a bi character.

You can read the full open letter on GQ, and you can follow Stephanie Beatriz on Twitter here.

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