Six LGBTQ+ Podcasts You’ve GOT to Listen to

Get listening to these six podcasts which celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Podcasts are hugely popular at the moment (cue Vanessa Hudgens: “I’m so into podcasts right now!”) and there are enough options available that will ensure you don’t ever have a new podcast to get your teeth into.

We thought we’d look at five of the best LGBTQ+ podcasts that we’re totally digging right now. Hopefully there’ll be some you haven’t heard of and we will be able to encourage you enough to subscribe to them and check them out.


‘On The Latch’ is a podcast where a group of gay men discuss whatever the hell they want to, and leave no topic un-turned. Think of it as a gay adaptation of Loose Women but instead of Colleen Nolan talking about her marriage, we have a group of guys talking about threesomes and sex robots.

It’s unfiltered fun that comes with an often-unheard perspective of things. Not only that, but the panelists answer questions from their listeners as well as offering advice on issues such as sexual health and relationships. Guest panellists on the show have even included Olly Alexander from Years & Years and MNEK.


‘Nancy’ features a whole range of queer stories and is hosted by best friends Tobin Low and Kathy Tu. All of the stories focus on the defining and figuring out of identity.

The show features stories than unfold throughout the episode examining what it means to be queer today through the lens of a variety of subjects including family, relationships, and obsessions. Topics to have been covered on the show so far include being out at work, the fear of being “butch”, and Donald Trump’s transgender ban.

Guests on the show have included Rufus Wainwright and Lena Waithe, who they dubbed to be “the coolest lesbian ever”.


Sponsored by BiNetUSA, ‘The BiCast’ is a podcast offering news, information and support for the bisexual+ community.

The podcast was formed by a group of people who wanted to do something to better everyone’s lives, educate the community and provide support by sharing their stories. Episodes have met members of the local community, touched on awareness days such as Spirit Day, and featured guests such as Sarah Prager, creator of the Quist LGBT History app and author of “Queer, There and Everywhere”.


Each episode of ‘Never Before with Janet Mock’ sees the best-selling author and transgender rights activist interview guests on different aspects of their lives. It’s a personal and intimate way of seeing her guests in a new light.

Season one of the show included guests such as Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mum, of course), Rowan Blanchard, Kris Jenner, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. We can’t wait for season two!


Each week on ‘Les Talk About It’, a topic which relates to lesbians is chosen and discussed by hosts Sheena and Tamara who also happen to be a married couple.

The topics chosen on the podcast usually revolve around the stereotypes, myths and legends about lesbians which can be seen by many as being hurtful and offensive. Some of these topics in the past have included multiple orgasms and whether all lesbians are cat ladies.


‘LGBTQ&A’ is a super-inclusive podcast which describes itself as “documenting the stories of the LGBTQ community — all races, genders, sexualities, & everyone in-between.”

Hosted by Huffington Post writer Jeffrey Masters, the podcast is a place for Jeffrey’s guests to share their own personal stories on whatever they like, be it sexuality, coming out or transitioning. Guests have included Aaron Carter, Our Lady J, Isis King, and Kristin Russo.

Are you a subscriber to another LGBTQ+ podcast that you believe we should all be listening to? Share your faves in the comments below.


Written by Adam Maidment

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