Being Reuben premieres at 8pm on Monday 6th January exclusively on Quest Red and available on dplay

Teen make-up influencer Reuben De Maid opens up about bullying in reality TV show

At just 14 years old, Reuben De Maid is already one of the biggest male make-up influencers in the world, amassing over 500,000 followers on social media.

Even at such a young age, Reuben knows what it takes to create engaging content for his followers.

Reuben most recently appeared in a video campaign for British-born makeup brand W7 Cosmetics where the spotlight was shone brightly on some of the biggest male influencers in the world of make-up.

“You definitely have to be, personality-wise, on one thousand per cent when making videos, otherwise it just seems so boring,” he says.

But for Reuben, being a boy who wears make-up hasn’t always been easy, and he’s suffered from bullying both online and in the real world.

“So even though I have really tough skin now, I haven’t always been like this at all,” he says in the premiere of his debut reality TV series Being Reuben.

The six-part show, premiering tonight at 8pm on Quest Red, will follow Reuben as he juggles his growing online fame with everyday life.

Talking candidly to the cameras about being bullied while at drama school, Reuben said: “There was two boys who were really rude and would tease me about the way I look. They would push me around and be horrible.”

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Sat down with Reuben, mum Vicky describes the moment she found out that her son was being bullied through his younger sister.

“You never show weakness, so you didn’t tell me anything bad. Then Coco came home and said ‘mum, do you know they’re like kicking him, hitting him?'” she says.

“Then I was like, well why hasn’t he told me? When I asked you, you were crying.”

Being Reuben premieres at 8pm on Monday 6th January exclusively on Quest Red and available on dplay

As Reuben admits himself, the pressure of both being bullied and trying to hide it eventually became too much when his mum confronted him.

“Then it just all came out, like a bottle of sprouts,” he says.

With such a large presence on social media, Reuben has also been the target of trolling, the ‘ugly’ side of his lifestyle as a beauty influencer.

Asked how he deals with online bullying, Reuben admits that he does his best to block it out.

“I read it less and if I do read it then I literally think ‘poor them for having the problem.'”

If it wasn’t for Reuben’s thick skin, mum Vicky admits that she’d take him off social media completely.

“It would literally break me and I would drag you off all social media and I would just keep you in a box,” she says.

The ‘Here Comes The Boys’ campaign for W7 Cosmetics was filmed in Scarborough alongside other influencers like Danny De Freitas, Toby Salvieyto and Jamie Kyle as they run riot on Scarborough pier.

Watching the video for the first time, Reuben’s grandfather – or ‘Bampa’ – Michael struggles to get his head around the campaign.

“It was very good, you came out well,” he says to Reuben.

“What was it for? It was for make-up? Oh I see! I thought it was for selling ice cream!”

Being Reuben premieres at 8pm on Monday 6th January exclusively on Quest Red and available on dplay.

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