Jenna Larson wants to ‘change the narrative of high school dramas’ in Hot Summer Daze

Hot Summer Daze, produced by Erika Lust (X Confessions), written by Michelle C. McGhan (Dir. Jeong 2018) and Jenna Larson, and directed by Larson (Dir. Her First Time 2019) debuted on the 21st of June on YouTube.

It is about three girls in their last year of Catholic high school in the suburbs of Chicago. In the first webisode, we meet Alex, Paige, and Riley and get an eyeful of an intimate video of Riley (Linda Memedovski) as it is leaked to the school by her ex Wyatt.

Paige (Kali Skatchke) makes plans for her boyfriend (Damian Alonso) to have dinner with her parents, but he is making other plans. Alex (Emily Morales-Cabera) is a secret YouTuber who may or may not have a girlfriend named Zoey.

Summer Daze will run for eight episodes and be between 10-15 minutes each. The focus of the series will be on the upcoming separation of the girls as they go off to separate colleges in the Fall while dealing with the scandal of the leaked video, identity crises, and sexual exploration. It looks to be a “hot” summer.

Tune in on Fridays at 11:00 a.m. P.S.T.

Watch episode one below.

Written by Phoebequeernews

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