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The stories behind your favourite Halloween hits

In case you’re living under a rock, you will be more than aware that Halloween is just MERE DAYS AWAY and it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited.

We’ve got our favourite spooky films and shows lined up to binge our way through whilst eating all the candy corn we can possibly stuff into our mouths, we’re hustling on Overwatch in a bid to own all the Halloween skins, and we’re getting our groove on to Thriller and Ghostbusters.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have created your Halloween playlist months ago and you’re all set for a night full of fruit punch and zombie dance moves but just how much do you know about your favourite Halloween bops?

The team over at MusicNGear have unearthed the origins behind some of the most well-known Halloween songs to find out just whether they are actually scary at all. For example, it turns out that Janet Jackson’s ‘Black Cat’ isn’t about cats at all 🙁

The 1989 Grammy-nominated hit is actually about being in a relationship with someone who likes to live on the dangerous side of life. As his lives start running out (just like a cat – hence the metaphor), his bad luck starts to rub off on Ms. Jackson. The song is ultimately about knowing the signs and getting out of the relationship whilst you can.

Meanwhile, Kate Bush’s hauntingly-good ‘Hammer Horror’ tells the tale of an actor who takes over the lead role in a production of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ after it’s previous main star dies. As the new actor feels guilty, he becomes haunted by the ghost of Hunchback’s past… Eerie!

Take a look at some more of the origins behind these haunted hits below.

Happy Halloween!

Source: MusicNGear

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