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Game of Thrones season 8: Who is likely to die and who will conquer the throne?

We’re merely days into 2019 but we’re already excited at the thought of new episodes of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately for us all, it’s the last season but we’re sure it’ll go out with a bang and be full of explosive twists and turns that will give us plenty to talk about.

Scheduled to premiere in April, In the leadup to the series premiere in April, speculation is already rife about what may be in store for Westeros. With the show now surpassing the storylines in the books, anything is possible.

It’s safe to say, if you’re not up-to-date with Game of Thrones then turn away now. Why not discover why the number of LGBTQ+ actors playing LGBTQ+ roles on television is pretty low, instead.

As excitement builds, Betvictor have priced up the odds on which characters are the most and least likely to die. Based on the odds, it’s not good news for Euron Greyjoy (1/50), Cersei Lannister (1/25), Jaime Lannister (1/12), Jorah Mormont (1/7) and Lord Varys (1/6). All five characters have an implied probability of death above 85 so it’s pretty likely that at least one of them will be getting the chop (or poisoned pie).

However, that’s not to say everyone else can relax. Melisandre (2/9) is on shaky ground with an 82% probability of death. Being the Mother of Dragons might not be enough to help save Daenerys Targaryen (1/3) either, as she has a 75% chance of death.

Other fan-favourites to be in for a rough ride include Theon Greyjoy (4/9 & 69% probability of death) and Sansa Stark (8/11 & 58% probability). Brienne of Tarth (11/10) might just make it out alive, as her probability is around the 48% mark — fingers crossed.

While Tyrion Lannister is in for a rough time, he may be able to make it out alive. (Credit: HBO/Everett/REX_Shutterstock (4705667g)

On the lighter side of things, Tyrion Lannister (7/4) only has a 36% chance of death, while Bran Stark (9/4) fares slightly better with a 31% chance. Jon Snow (3/1) and Arya Stark (3/1) are both currently sitting somewhat-comfortably with a 25% chance.

If Westeros was the destination for this year’s Love Island, then money would be on Gilly (7/2) and Samwell Tarly (5/1) to leave as champions. Gilly doesn’t seem to be high up on any White Walkers hit lists at the moment with a 22% chance while Samwell can sleep better knowing he just has a 17% chance of an untimely death.

But, who’s likely to own the throne? According to Betvictor, there are three clear favourites.

The top choices are currently Bran Stark (1/1), Jon Snow (4/1) and Daenerys Targaryen (4/1). However, with Bran only leading the charge with a 50% likelihood of victory, it’s definitely not going to be a clear-cut win for anyone.

A complete rehaul of things could be in order too. The Night King and the Children of the Forest both have odds of 10/1 to take the Throne, but a 9% chance sees either unlikely to be the dramatic climax to the show. Still, they’re both more likely bets than Tyrion, Cersei, Sansa, or Arya — totes gutted for them.

Could the Stark children be eyeing up the throne? (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)

While she’s likely to survive god-knows-what, Gilly won’t be needing to get her royal crown in order anytime soon. She’s the least likely to win the Throne with odds of just 150/1 but, we’re sure she’d be more than okay with at least surviving. If, indeed, she does.

Even though it’s all quantifiable and stands on hardly any merit at all (Game of Thrones has never been a show to stick with the obvious), these little stats can’t help us get a little bit giddy as we start to speculate who’ll make it to the end.

Either way, the winter to beat all winters is coming. And we’re beyond ready to see how it all plays out.

Game of Thrones airs on HBO and Sky Atlantic and will return in April.

Written by Adam Maidment

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