Award-winning filmmakers launch LGBTQ+ short film streaming platform to ‘entertain and inform’

“We give the chance to access an archive of representation that you don’t see in mainstream media.”

Award-winning documentary filmmakers Jac Nunns and Angie West have launched an online LGBTQ+ streaming service for short films, designed to educate, entertain and inform.

QueerBee is a high-quality online collection of hand-picked LGBTQ+ independent short films of all genres for all ages. With the lack of authentic LGBTQ+ storylines in the mainstream media, QueerBee showcases queer stories and talent that otherwise go underrepresented. 

The ever-growing collection is curated by founders Jac Nunns and Angie West who, after eight years of making independent films received internationally, became frustrated at the lack of availability of queer short film.

The founders said of the platform: “For years we go to film festivals and we see very little happening after they have run. We are frustrated that the excellent work disappears after years of pulling together creative concepts, funds and effort.

“We want a place where you can see a whole archive of film that is available for everyone”.

The streaming service offers a monthly (£3.99) or yearly (£40) subscription which is accessible globally via the QueerBee website, the service is even available in countries where identifying as LGBTQ+ is illegal.

The service spans genres from horror to period dramas, all with LGBTQ+ storylines and by LGBTQ+ independent filmmakers – the archive even has videos for important key dates such as Mental Health Awareness days and International Women’s Day.

QueerBee gives the opportunity to access bitesize and relatable stories giving a feeling of comfort through shared-experience and representation to global viewers.

QueerBee offers viewers a choice of short-form documentaries and films.

The company aims to highlight the richness of LGBTQ+ culture through an ever-expanding online library of short films that not only celebrates but supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Profits that are made by QueerBee’s subscription service are given back to the independent filmmakers in order to reward the work done by underserved filmmakers. 

Additionally, through licensing to community groups, QueerBee welcomes organisations such as youth clubs and LGBTQ+ groups to screen films from their site. This makes them not only an entertainment distributor but an educational resource.

Co-Founder Jac Nunns comments, “QueerBee offers essential viewing for everyone. We have films for every possible LGBTQ+ issue and entertainment genre, not just ‘coming out’ films.  

“We give the chance to access an archive of representation that you don’t see in mainstream media by giving a platform to Queer films by Queer people. They’re fantastic films that aren’t seen outside of the festival circuit in one place, until now.

”The ethos of QueerBee is inclusivity. Women, men, trans men, trans women, gay, intersex, every race, every background and disability. We want to reach every audience viewer from different cultures and backgrounds in order for us to give people the essential viewing to entertain, inform and be fun!”

The QueerBee service is available now via subscription on the QueerBee website:

The company are soon to launch subtitles to break language barriers for all content on the service. 

Written by QWEERIST editor

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