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Ezra Furman records new original songs for Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’

A new series, premiering today on Netflix, will feature a soundtrack written and recorded by Ezra Furman.

Netflix’s latest original series ‘Sex Education’ sees a high school student take on the unexpected role of a sex therapist, using what he’s learnt from his mother (who is actually a qualified sex therapist). The series stars Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and Emma Mackey.

In the role of Otis, Butterfield enlists the help of his friends to set up an unauthorised sex therapy clinic at their school which we can imagine will lead to some awkward encounters. The show has been highly-anticipated and already well-received for its portrayal of teenage sex.

The soundtrack for the series features new original songs from Ezra Furman and his band The Visions alongside tracks featured on Furman’s previous albums. Fans of Furman will already spot the use of “Love You So Bad,” from album Transangelic Exodus, in the show’s main trailer.

Ezra says of the soundtrack: “I am honored that they asked us to do the soundtrack and I am psyched to see the whole show (I’ve just seen some clips they sent me). It was very fun to work on and I’m very grateful to everyone who worked on the show and helped me be a part of it.”

Ezra Furman says he’s “psyched” for his music to appear in ‘Sex Education’. (Jason Simmons)

Love You So Bad

Love You So Bad, a song by Ezra Furman on Spotify

Ezra and The Visions will also appear in an episode, which was filmed in Wales last August. “We’re the band at the school dance and we look great. There’s a little glimpse of us at some point in the trailer,” he added.

While the original songs aren’t to be released just quite yet, Furman remains optimistic, saying: “Fingers crossed for it to get released as its own soundtrack album but we’ll have to just wait and see on that one.”

‘Sex Education’ is now available to stream on Netflix. You know what we’ll be watching this weekend.

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