Ellen Page (Photo credit: Josh Jensen / www.flickr.com/photos/jwjensen)
Ellen Page (Photo credit: Josh Jensen / www.flickr.com/photos/jwjensen)
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Ellen Page tells BBC 5 Live that “we need more progress” on LGBTQ+ rights

Ellen Page has told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Must Watch podcast that there has been some progress when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights, but it needs to go so much further.

The actress, who married her girlfriend last year, stars in Netflix’s upcoming series ‘The Umbrella Academy’. She told 5 Live co-hosts Scott Bryan and Hayley Campbell that marriage equality should never have been a debate in the first place.

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‘Marriage equality should’ve never even been a debate’ Ellen Page says there needs to be more progress on LGBTQ rights. ???? @EllenPage & @TomHopperHops on the #UmbrellaAcademy on #5LiveMustWatch???? https://t.co/iGw7mSu0Ut https://t.co/cHPXb3ZwtO

“We have so far to go,” she says. “There are so many states in America where you can just be fired for being who you are, denied housing for being who you are, trans women of colour in the United States of America have a life expectancy of 35, and really struggle.

“Of course, there’s been so much progress…wonderful progress. I’m married, for example. But a lot of the most marginalised people in the community get left behind, and a big part of that reason too is there’s barely any LGBTQ representation. Has it got better? For sure. But it needs to go so much further, particularly in media, who are pretending it’s a debate whether or not trans people should have rights.”

Page recently made waves during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where she discussed the Trump Administration’s stance on LGBTQ+ Rights and specifically vice-president Mike Pence’s thoughts on same-sex marriage. She also addressed how the mainstream media was discussing whether the recent attack of gay actor Jussie Smollett was a hate crime or not.

“That’s not a debate. That is an excuse that has been used countless times”

“It’s a debate whether it’s ok or not to have a religious liberty law that would give you the right to deny an LGBTQ person service… or if you don’t want to bake them a cake or not for their wedding,” Page said during the BBC Radio 5 Live podcast. “That’s not a debate. That is an excuse that has been used countless times – whether it was during segregation – interracial marriage, what have you. And stop treating it like it is [a debate], and marriage equality wasn’t a debate etc. Stop treating it like it is.”

When asked why she thinks these things are framed as debates, Ellen replied: ‘Because people are really queerphobic and transphobic. And if you’re growing up in a household with those beliefs, and it’s queerphobic and transphobic, that’s child abuse.”

“This is the conversation we need to be having because it is life or death.”

Must Watch is BBC Radio 5 Live’s essential guide to TV hosted by Nihal Arthanayake with Scott Bryan and Hayley Campbell.

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