Eastenders to introduce LGBTQ+ venue to represent a ‘multicultural London’

‘Eastenders’ producers are allegedly considering plans to introduce an LGBTQ+ venue to the UK soap.

Kate Oates recently became the senior executive producer for the BBC show and recently took to Twitter to address questions from fans.

Having already been open about her plans to further represent the diversity and multiculturalism of the UK, Oates said in a video posted on the social network: “I am… really interested in bringing some more LGBTQ characters in, and maybe we will have a new precinct for them as well.”

“We are looking at opening a gay bar on the square, which will be a super-cool precinct where gay and straight characters can all just hang out and loads of stories can cross and should just be something really exciting, really fun, really visual and feel really true to multicultural London.”

Oates added that the plans will hopefully be “something exciting for the next year,” hinting that the plans may be well and truly underway already.

In 1987, Eastenders became the first soap to feature a same-sex kiss and the following year saw a male couple kiss each other on the lips. Since then, the soap has tried to reflect the community in its storylines and cast. Most recently, a New Year’s Eve episode featured a female character telling her mother that she was in love with another girl.

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Prior to joining Eastenders, Oates was heavily involved in creating storylines for Coronation Street which dealt with topics such as sexual grooming and male rape.

Fans on social media have already provided their thoughts on the move, even suggesting what the new venue could be called.

Eastenders continues on BBC One.

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