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Brighton Pride and Netflix Team Up For New Mural

Happy Brighton Pride, everyone! We can’t believe we’re just hours away from seeing Queen Britney Spears herself take to the stage and to perform for thousands at what it set to be an unforgettable moment for Brighton.

It’s not just Britney who’ll be celebrating love in Brighton this weekend either. Netflix have teamed up with Brighton Pride and esteemed LGBTQ+ artist and Brighton native Hizze Fletcher to celebrate the streaming platform’s LGBTQ+ representation in a new mural that can be found right in the streets of the city.

Featuring characters from Orange Is The New Black (as well as an ode to Britney), the mural celebrates some of the most iconic moments from the Prison-based show as well as slogans such as “trans women are women”, “lesbianing together”, and “out and proud”.

Hizze made the mural using a blend of techniques including acrylic, paint, paste and pens. Hizze said:

Programmes such as Orange is the New Black help to shine a light on the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in popular culture. It’s great to be part of this project during an important event such as Pride.

The mural is available to view at 31 Marlborough Place until 12th August, so there’s plenty of time for you to get down there, feel the love, and take a stunning selfie.

As if that wasn’t not enough, the delightful BBC weather forecaster Owain Wyn Evans has teamed up with Queer Eye presenter Karamo Brown to film a one of a kind Pride weather update.

Happy Pride, indeed!

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