(Photo credit: BBC Sounds)
(Photo credit: BBC Sounds)

New BBC Sounds podcast to explore what it means to be non-binary

A new BBC podcast will ask big questions about gender and identity.

Launching on BBC Sounds from Wednesday 20 February, ‘NB’ follows non-binary radio producer Caitlin Benedict as they prepare to return home to Australia and come out to their family.

Joining Caitlin on their journey, writer, filmmaker and drag artist Amrou Al-Kadhi will serve as a friend and mentor during the process. Through their own personal experiences, the two of them will explore what it means to dismantle gender identity, one big question at a time: pronouns, labels, clothes, role models, drag, glitter beards, the past, the future, gender dysphoria, gender euphoria, and how to be real with your loved ones.

Each episode in the eight-part series will see Caitlin and Amrou talk with non-binary and gender non-conforming guests, including performers Travis Alabanza and Victoria Sin and authors CN Lester and Juno Roche, who will share wisdom learnt through their own experiences.

‘NB’ hopes to help those questioning their gender identity by having two non-binary hosts try to figure it out for themselves at the same time. While fierce debates may be the norm when it comes to discussing the story nationally, ‘NB’ wants to steer clear of political debates around gender identity and instead focus on making sense of it all.

Caitlin Benedict is a producer and regular guest on BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Film Programme’, while Amrou Al-Kadhi is currently working on projects for Film4 and BFI.

The first episode of NB will be available on BBC Sounds from Wednesday 20 February.

Download the BBC Sounds app to listen to the teaser now.

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