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A Lesbian Version of Queer Eye Could Soon Become a Reality

Netflix’s revival of Queer Eye has been a big success. Hot on the heels of news of a third season being commissioned, there’s rumbles of a lesbian version of the format and you can help make it a reality.

Masterminded by American comedian and actor Ally Johnson and producer Rob Schow, Butch Pal for the Straight Gal would see “five experienced lesbians who call themselves the Fish 5 will give wayward straight women lez-tastic makeovers (or make-unders), which may or may not include fedoras and Birkenstocks.”

The crowdsource campaign for the show is already more than 60% of the way towards reaching its target, which will see the show film a pilot episode to scout around to networks. If the campaign surpasses its budget, the money will be used to film additional episodes.

On the campaign page, Johnson said:

Earlier this year, the reboot of Queer Eye came out on Netflix. Two seasons have already been released. While I’m all for more LGBT content, I couldn’t help but be frustrated that this show was already getting a remount when the lesbian version never even existed. I started thinking, ‘What would happen if five lesbians gave a straight girl a makeover? Would she just end up covered in flannel and cat hair? Would a rugged day-hike be involved? Would she get really good at making vegan tacos?’ These questions had to be answered, so I teamed up with Rob, a guy I dated for two weeks in high school, and we decided to make it happen.

Some of the perks available to those who donate include a personal thank you in the end credits, a t-shirt featuring the names of the “Fish 5”, a signed script or even an Associate Producer credit if you’re feeling super generous.

If you like the idea of a lesbian version of Queer Eye, then make sure you pledge your support and help the show get off the ground.

You can keep updated on the progress of the show by following the Butch Pal for the Straight Gal team on social.

Twitter: @ButchPalSeries

Instagram: @ButchPalSeries

Facebook: ButchPalSeries

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