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Vanessa Vanjie sips tea with us on #DXP19, Drag Race UK, and pre-show rituals

Kicking off on July 25 in London, Holy T’s #DXP19 brings together seven international drag performers for a show-stopper like no other.

The show (tickets here), which will also head to stops including Birmingham, Bristol, and Manchester on July 28, will feature some of the most iconic queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race including Nina West, Detox, Monique Heart, Brooke Lynn Hytes, and the one and only Vanessa Vanjie.

To coincide with the upcoming tour (which will also visit Ireland, Amsterdam, Oslo, and Stockholm), we managed to grab a quick chat with the incredibly busy Miss Vanjie to discuss the upcoming RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and what her pre-rituals are.

Hey Miss Vanjie! What can we expect from your performance on the DXP tour?

High energy, lots of smiles and me enjoying myself performing on stage for everyone.

What’s your favourite song to perform?

Supermodel by RuPaul.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I take a shot of Patron tequila, say a little prayer to myself and think about the biggest influences in my life.

What’s your favourite thing about coming to the UK?

The UK has always been one of my favourite places to travel to. The fans are so amazing.

Which of the other queens on the tour are you most looking forward to spending time on the road with?

My manager is the biggest queen I know so I would have to say him.

What are the essential items you always have with you on tour?

There’s a lot, it’s not just a few items to transform you into a drag queen. Bitch if one thing is missing, it’s a wrap. It would be Jose on the stage.

Do you get a chance to check out the UK drag scene when you’re here?

I’m so lucky, I get to work with amazing and talented local queens every time I travel to the UK.

Are you looking forward to Drag Race UK?

I am super excited to see what Drag Race UK will bring, I’m sure it will be great and super entertaining. Those judges better be as hard on them as they are on us though!

Catch Vanessa Vanjie on the #DXP19 tour, which kicks off in London on July 25. Get your tickets here.

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